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We are a petite bakery in Doylestown, PA that specializes in delicious cookies and sweets made with organic ingredients. All of our products are made with the highest quality, and the best level of care. Learn more about us, our mission and passion, and our lead bakeologist and founder, Karla Reda.


The Bakery

Our mission, is simply sweet. High Quality baked goods, mixed with a creative flare, to bring joy and sweet smiles to the world. Sugar Cubed Bakery was born in the Spring of 2017 out of a lifelong passion for baking and creating, by our founder, Karla Reda.


Lead Bakologist and Founder

Karla Reda is our founder and lead bakeologist. She has spent years creating, baking and honing her recipes to absolute perfection. She has been bringing sweet smiles to the faces of her friends and family for years, and now, she is bringing sweetness to the world through sharing her delicious treats with you! In addition to being a talented baker, Karla also brings her creativity and warm spirit to the table. Her passion and inventiveness for baking and connecting with people are the driving forces behind every delicious bite.

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A Baker or a Bakeologist?

You may be wondering what the difference is between a Baker, and a Bakeologist. A baker, is someone who can follow a recipe to make something delicious. A Bakeologist, is one who doesn’t just leave a recipe as is. They taste every bite, analyze every ingredient, change and create, in order to perfect everything they make. It’s not just about making, it’s about creating.

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